February 5, 2011

Random update!

So our lives have changed quite a bit over the last months! We have two adorable doggies and in May we will have not one but two adorable Daughters!!!!! Hattie is so excited to have a sister, I am losing my touch as a play buddy, she has let me know a few times.
We had a fun Christmas ( can you tell?) with the family! Marcus got me a puppy for my birthday so he was a hoot on Christmas. Hattie loves Luca and now Lucky has tried to get her to fall for him. But he has yet to warm her heart like Luca has. Maybe the new
Baby will just love Lucky more!
Marcus has started a new company with his brother Jake called Redfish and they are taking off and I think they love it, more than coming home to their prego whiny wives... Yes Jorjia is prego!!! Wahoo and so is Michelle, I'm so excited I can't wait for Brooke to jump on the train! Just kidding. Sort of. Tracy and Elise hopefully too! Hattie needs some cousins!!!
Hattie is getting so big, it makes me so sad! She loves dressing up (here with potato head accessories) and playing with Nonie (my mom) and talking about all her cousins and aunts and uncles. She loves everyone! Lately she has been letting me do her hair in any which way I feel that day, she is so patient with me. We are best buds, and Marcus is so good with her, they have way too much fun together! We can't wait to take her skiing! Oh and swimming lessons start soon!!! Well I better get back to 101 dalmations with Hattie!!!


  1. Yay..you updated! I can't even remember how I found your blog...but so glad I did. I am so happy/excited for you and Marcus to be having another girl!!

  2. I can't get over how cute that pic of Hattie is with her curled hair! Miss you guys sooo much!!

  3. Hey Marcus, long time no see!! Glad to see that your family is doing so well. Where are you guys living these day?


  4. Horray! Keep blogging. I love hearing all about your family. CONGRATS on the new bebe. I cant wait to see pictures. Just a few more months. So glad to hear you are all doing well!